Global Warming Still an Issue? A View from Both Sides

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It used to be that the topics to avoid at the holidays were all related to religion and politics. Today, there is another issue that is sure to light off a firestorm of arguments at the next Thanksgiving Meal: Global Warming. Sure, some may argue that this is just another political argument since the “science is settled,” but that just assumes one side of the argument has already won. Continue reading

These US States Don’t Want You Living Off the Grid, But Why?

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More and more today, people are choosing to live “off the grid.” For a variety of reason, these people prefer a different lifestyle than the rest of the developed world. But governments do not have a good track record dealing with counter-cultural people like this. In recent years, some states have begun making it harder to unplug from modern conveniences. Continue reading

Inverter Generator: An Easy To Understand Breakdown

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If you have been in the market for a generator, you have probably come across portable inverter generators. An inverter generator is still a relatively new product in the world of portable energy, made possible by several technological advances.

But is an inverter generator right for you? In this article, we will take a look at these unique generators, explain what they are and how they are different, and review a few of the more popular models. This should give you an idea whether the portable inverter generator is right for you. Continue reading

Quiet Portable Generators: Is There Such A Thing?

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So, you’re looking for portable energy, but you don’t want your ears to bleed? Is it possible to take a portable generator with you on a camping trip and not scare away all the wildlife? Absolutely!

Almost all companies that make portable generators make models that are intended to be “quiet.” But how quiet are they? Can there be a silent generator? What is the quietest generator on the market? This article will answer everything you need to know about sound levels and portable generators and give you some tips on things to consider when looking into a quiet portable generator. Continue reading

Generac GP7500E Review: Reliable Energy In A Pinch

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If you are looking for a generator to back up your home power supply during those emergency electrical outages, or if you need a nice portable generator for things like RV camping, then the Generac GP7500E is a great option!

You need something reliable, durable, and easily maneuverable for those situations where you must generate your own electricity. Our Generac review will give you all the information you need to decide if this is the right portable generator for you. Continue reading